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    Born in Staten Island, New York City, Chip Hoehler's interest in music began at the age of 10 when he started playing the drums in the school band.  Fate stepped in when Chip was 15.  He was home from school one day and saw the musical biography, "The Fabulous Dorseys" and became "hooked" on the trombone.  He spent time after that learning to play the trombone by playing along with records and copying trombone solos, basically being self-taught.  He was working as a musician by the time he was 17 and a short time later was one of 20 teens chosen from a field of 5,000 to be selected for a youth jazz band sponsored by the Newport Jazz Festival.  ...

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Los Angeles Times, 1985


Published: December 10, 2011

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Chip Hoehler, Hero on the Norway by Leonard Feather Chip Hoehler has a unique story to tell. He is not famous, yet musicians who have worked with him call him an unsung hero. Ask Joe Williams, Benny Carter, Clark Terry or any of the dozens of others who know. One problem is that he's a moving target. An interview with him can end 25 knots away from where it began. During the conversation he may say that he has the best job in the world for a working musician...better than any job on earth. He means that literally, since he does not work on terra firma. Why the best job? Consider this: security, a permanent gig, no charge for food or shelter, insurance and ...

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